Public Scholarship

Below are a number of articles, interviews, and videos in which my research has been featured:


Conversations with Richard Fidler (ABC Radio National, August 2014, re-aired May 2017)


Anxiety Club with Karl Benitez and Trevor Pogue (Podcast, January 20, 2017).


Nine to Noon (Radio NZ, November 20, 2014)


World 101X, interview (University of Queensland, August 2014):



World 101X, animation (collaborative animation for University of Queensland):


Metro News, with Lisette Reymer (CTV, Canterbury, October 2013):


The Wire, with Maddie Farman (95bFM Radio, September 2013)


The morning show with Andrew Urquhart (Rhema Radio, September 2013)


UC researcher looking at food consumption, waste (University of Canterbury, Communications, September 2013)


‘Dumpster diving’ for food (, September 2013)


Short Takes on What The World Eats: The Anatomy of a Dumpster (The Burke Museum, University of Washington, Seattle, February 2012):


There’s no time to waste (Financial Times, December 2011)


Dumpster Diver’s thesis: Good stuff going to waste (Seattle Times, November 2011)


UW anthropologist explores Seattle’s dumpster-diving community (Office of News and Information, University of Washington, Seattle, September 2011):


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